“What an amazing lady Penny is …extremely personable and makes the classes fun.This time last year I had a back injury -laid flat for a very long week - felt extremely reassured by Penny’s qualifications and standard gym classes were advised against by the osteopath owing to class size numbers. Penny ensures my stance is correct prior to the undertaking each of exercise and one year down (almost to the day) I now cycle 40 miles per trip, thanks so much Penny !!!” Sarah J.

"Pilates is playing a vital role part in maintaining and improving my physical health, well being, core strength and mobility. I have been attending Penny’s classes for two years and can’t be without them ! Penny has that winning combination of being a first class instructor, charming, keen to go the extra mile for our individual needs and a great example herself of the value of Pilates”

Caroline S

“Whilst attending Penny’s classes she advised me on exercises to do at home and a piece of equipment to use to help improve my headaches. Both suggestions have been great help to me. During the classes Penny keeps a close eye over you and will correct you to make sure you are doing every move correctly. Penny is extremely empathetic to an individuals needs and puts every effort into improving them. I would highly recommend these classes. Thank you Penny” Kim

“Following advise for a back problem I came to Penny never having tried Pilates previously and thinking that it was only for women. Penny has been marvellous with her teaching, made me realise how beneficial Pilates can be for men as well as women and has made big improvements to my posture, mobility and the management of the discomfort of my back. Looks like Pilates will be part of the change of lifestyle for me!” Tony

“Following advice for a recurring back problem, I joined Penny’s Pilates classes 3 years ago. Since then I have been attending the class regularly. These sessions have helped me to improve my core stability, posture, alignment, general mobility and stamina. Penny makes the class a happy and friendly environment. She is very supportive, provides guidance, encouragement and individual attention to all the participants. I thoroughly enjoy Pilates sessions under the guidance of Penny and i have no hesitancy in recommending Penny as a competent instructor.” C.R.